Anatoly Evmenov and Galina Evmenova
graduated from Leningrad Vera Mukhina Higher School of Art and Design in 1971. Both became members of the Union of Artists of the USSR
in 1975. Since the 80-s they were frequently participating in Russian and international art exhibitions. Their paintings were purchased
by the museums of Germany, Italy, Britain, Poland, USA, and Chile.
Many of their works are exhibited in the museums of Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway, as well as in private collections.


The co-authorship, when the spiritual and professional qualities of two persons become a single process of creating a piece-of-art, is impossible for the understanding of the majority. There is always one and the same question: “Who is leader? Who dominates? Who prevails?” And if there is no one to claim the leadership, then how is it possible to avoid outbursts of each person’s ego which everywhere and always shouts about its supremacy? It is well understood keeping in mind that leadership in everything, and most of all in creation, is considered by all to be the main motive for success and recognition through the affirmation of the self.


Often, the co-authorship is a battlefield of eternal conflict, cunningly undermined with the “praising”. And the exit from this maze is very simple – that is the happiness of experiencing
a process of creation together, love to something created by your co-author, improvement of the creation not in terms of “that’s not how I see it”, but in terms of “let’s do it better”, which enables to penetrate into the depth and climb to the height of a possible creative process. This is co-authorship, in short.


That is what we came across immediately after graduating from Leningrad Vera Mukhina School in 1971 when working on orders placed by the Art Foundation and by the USSR Union of Artists for their contractual exhibitions.


Having tasted the delight of working together once, you are getting accustomed to it and feel it to double after some time as a double ability and, which is the main thing, as a joy of having conversation on the surface of canvass. And working close to your buddy’s arm: what can be better than this?!


Now watching what has been done through all these years, I am not thinking about the correctness of my choice, but rather about the metaphysics of this fusion. I feel like looking at the heart of time to become an owner of a bigger gift, i.e. constant staying in the state of creation. Together.

And may God decide what comes next!


Painting 2000-2015

Canvas, oil





Painting 1980-2000

Canvas, oil

Creative works and works executed in different periods on the order of the Union of Artists of the USSR

Painting 1960-1980

Archives of works from the 1960s to the 1980s, part of the work is in museums and private collections

The period of school and student years of work and finding themselves


From 1960 to 2000

Graphics and sketches for different paintings


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